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IFYE vieraamme Elizabeth Yhdysvalloista ja Li-yi Taiwanista heinäkuussa 2014.

Welcome to the homepage of Parkano 4H!

Parkano 4H operates in the town of Parkano. At the moment our organization is running five 4H-clubs. We employ dozens of young people every year. In 2014 we employed over 50 young people
for different jobs. The youth is employed in our own line of business, which includes for example ice-cream shop, strawberry sales and job service. From our job service a customer can order for example
household cleaning or lawn mowing. The length of the employment can be from few hours of work to
few months, and sometimes a whole year.

We run a juice-making station from August to September. A customer can make a reservation and bring f.e. apples from their yard to be juiced. Juice station also offers pasteurization.

We aim to provide different courses and education. Popular courses offered by the 4H are 4H-business-
course and a dog sitter-course among other things. Popular education lines are f. e. capable club runner.
Ask future education or courses from the organization.

4H is a worldwide youth organization, the roof-organization in Finland is the  Finnish 4H Federation. In 4H activities the youth learn working life- and handicraft skills. 4H is an excellent hobby that starts with clubs when you’re around 6-year-old. From the age of 13 the youth can participate
in lines of education and international camps. Read more about the 4H organization from the Finnish 4H Federation website,

We hope you enjoy our website!

Sari Kuusikko

Executive director